LITAGRA celebrates its 30th anniversary

LITAGRA celebrates its 30th anniversary on November! Having started its activities in 1991, it is currently one of the largest groups of companies operating in the agricultural sector in Lithuania. LITAGRA thanks the team of highly professional people who love their work and partners for their trust and work together three decades, directly contributing to the successful growth and achievement of the company's goals. We believe that the coming time will be full of challenges, generous aspirations and good deeds!

P.S. due to the difficult pandemic situation, the anniversary was not celebrated, we will be able to do so when it is safe.

Founder and Chairman of the Board Gintaras Kateiva


Litagra Group is a private limited company “LITAGRA” and its subsidiaries UAB "Joniškio grūdai", farming companies and a few other. Group companies export their products to the EU and CIS countries.


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