UAB LITAGROS ŽEMĖS ŪKIO CENTRAS holds agricultural farms: UAB Aristavos ūkis, UAB Kalpokų ūkis, and UAB Šešupės ūkis are engaged in both crop growing and cattle breeding and dairying; UAB Ranktinėlių ūkis UAB Beržų ūkis and UAB Šlapaberžės ūkis are engaged in crop growing only; UAB Baušų ūkis are engaged in cattle breeding only.

Our success is a result of our approach towards long-term partnership and constant improvement in search of efficiency and effectiveness. We do our best to deliver our promises, we value open communication, encourage initiative and self-reliance. We invest into modern technologies for production; keep constant focus on efficiency; invest in smart way; create good working conditions for our employees; deliver shareholder’s return and meet the environmental, hygienic and animal welfare standards. 

CROP YIELDS Augintojas

Litagra average grain yield, t/ha.  


Litagra average, the anual milk yield per cow.


Investments mln. Eur.


The Farmer’s team includes about 170 people engaged in cattle breeding, dairy, crop growing, technical operations and maintenance, and accounting. The executive team members have university degree education (mostly graduates of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and University of Aleksandras Stulginskis which is the key agricultural school in Lithuania). The total employee experience within the company averages at approx 15 years. We still keep on improving our know-how through constant learning and practice both at national and international trainings.


Litagra Group is a private limited company “LITAGRA” and its subsidiaries UAB "Joniškio grūdai", farming companies and a few other. Group companies export their products to the EU and CIS countries.


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