UAB Joniškio grūdai - is the largest manufacturing enterprise in LITAGRA group, dating back the feed production experience for six decades. Nowadays UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is one of the major competitive feed producers in the Baltic States that supplies market with wide assortment of high quality feed as well as supplements and premixes.



UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is an updated and modern agricultural production processing enterprise, stable in its business, flexible to market conditions as it is constantly making investments into modern manufacturing technologies, improving production quality and assortment, developing and broadening the provided services. Feed products are produced by using 4 manufacturing lines that provide the production capacity of 120 000 tons of various sorts of feed products, protein, vitamin and mineral supplements, premixes, baits and pet food.

Management system of company works according ISO 22000:2005 standard.

The enterprise successfully sells its products in Norway, EU and CIS countries.


UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI supplies to the market compound feed, supplements, premixes, pet food, bio-litter, baits. The products have been designed by experienced specialists working in cattle, poultry and fishery farming spheres who continually update their qualification knowledge and follow the latest scientific recommendations whilst making properly balanced feeding products. Feed products and raw material instantaneous tests and analyses are performed by a modern quality analyzer NIRS DS2500. Product quality is ensured by hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system.


Products produced by UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is targeted and used in LITAGRA cattle farming and the obtained results assist the professionals to evaluate the features of feeding products and supplements, therefore, the farms making use of UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI products achieve excellent results.


UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI also supplies the market with raw materials for feed production, milk replacers, licks.


The current feed and other products‘ quality and assortment of UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is the result of long term practice, the developed scientific and technological progress as well as the contribution of hardworking and talented professionals.


Product brands:                                                                                                       




UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI provides mobile feed production and complete feeding ration counting services, consults on farm management subjects, assists in sorting out various farming issues efficiently. The enterprise encourages modern agriculture progress, together with business partners from worldwide companies organizes seminars for specialists and customers, largely invests into manufacture and management improvement process.


UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is a modern cattle, poultry and fishery farming partner that assists in solving agricultural problems in a complex way.


The majority of the UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI executive team includes professionals with university level specialized education as well long-term (over 7 years) practical experience within the field. They are focused on life-long learning to keep up with the technological developments within the area of business through workshops, seminars, best practice applications on national and international levels.


The development and sales of specialized feeding products which are both efficient and modern is performed by veterinary specialists and professionals who share deep technological know-how of the field. The team has grown with over 15 people ranging from very experience to young and developing professionals and we enjoy the culture where the sharing of knowledge and support to each other is very strong. All this support the development of the whole organization.


The supporting functions which include supervision of production, technical maintenance, and effective administration is also performed by professional with university level education is respective fields of engineering, mechanics, technologies, economics and management.


Litagra Group is a private limited company “LITAGRA” and its subsidiaries UAB "Joniškio grūdai", farming companies and a few other. Group companies export their products to the EU and CIS countries.


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