UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is one of the largest manufacturers of compound feed in the Baltic States. The company has been operating since 1957. Decades of experience in agricultural production, constantly updated technological and management processes have allowed the company to adapt to market economy conditions and successfully compete in the production of quality feed, their supplements and premixes for modern livestock, poultry and fisheries farms.

UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is more than just a supplier of animal feed. We carry out nutritional research and monitoring, our professionals provide farming advices and strategies and help our clients move forward with all relevant aspects of their business. As manufacturer, we take pride in making quality feeds used to produce products, which are healthy and safe for human consumption.

Management system of company works according ISO 22000:2018 standard. In 2020 company was granted a HALAL certificate, in 2021 certified FSSC 22000 by the “Food Safety Certification Fund”.

The quality of feed production is ensured by installed modern computer-based control feed production lines and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) control system.

Annual production capacity is 120’000 tons of combined feed products.

In 2019 UAB “Joniškio grūdai” has opened the newest and most modern poultry farm in Lithuania - UAB Šilų ūkis. The poultry farm consists of 10 farms with a capacity of 340,000 one-day-old chicks. The farm is equipped with the latest technologies, with a special focus on bird health and welfare.


UAB "Joniškio grūdai" produces the highest quality compound feeds, supplements, premixes, pet food, organic cat litter and groundbaits for fishing. Properly balanced products are developed by technologists based on the recommendations of experts, scientists and feeding specialists. Laboratory tests of products and raw materials are performed in the company with a modern NIRS DS2500 quality analyzer and in accredited domestic and foreign laboratories. Product quality is ensured by a risk analysis and critical control point (HACCP) control system.


UAB "Joniškio grūdai" feed is used in LITAGROS livestock farms, and the obtained results help the company's specialists to evaluate the properties of feed and supplements, therefore farms that use UAB "Joniškio grūdai" products achieve high performance results.


The current quality and range of feed and other products of UAB “Joniškio grūdai” is the result of long-term production practice, scientific and technological progress, as well as the work of hard-working, talented specialists.


Product brands:                                                                                                       






UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI offers you to create and produce unique products according specific customers’ requirements formula – Private label.

Product development starts with a close partnership and a careful understanding of the customer’s needs, which helps to find the best solutions.

We can offer our customers a wide range of pet food, cat litter, groundbaits and feeds with a private label.

If you have an idea or a technical task – we are ready to implement it!

We are trusted by such retail chains as Maxima, Sanitex, Aibe.





UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI provides mobile grinding and mixing service. Feed is produced in the customer’s farm, using farm-grown grain and other available raw materials. We are working with the mobile grinding and mixing plants of Austrian company TROPPER MASCHINEN UND ANLAGEN GMBH.

Raw materials available in the farm on request can be crushed or mill. Oil or glycerol can be used in feed production. Upon request, feed production report can be printed in which the feed ingredients and raw materials used are listed.

Capacity of mobile grinding and mixing plants is up to 20 tons of feed per hour. At the same time, you can produce two different feeds. Produced feed can be dispensed into the feed containers up to 7 m high or storehouses up to 20 meters away from mobile plant work place.

Our professional team, taking into account the quality parameters of raw materials and the existing grass forage available, animal genetics, productivity and growing conditions, calculate the most suitable feed formulas and rations.



UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is a modern-working agricultural production processing company that not only produces the final product, but also provides comprehensive management solutions for its customers.

The company realizes its comprehensive, integrated modern animal husbandry principles in collaboration with the LITAGRA-owned agricultural farms. These companies fall into the top ten of the country’s farms.

The results obtained here demonstrate that the complex of properly selected feed products and managerial solutions lead to successful economic activities.

Company managers focus on analyzing of individual farms needs and in order to reach the highest performance of livestock, produce the feed according to individual recipes compiled jointly with the customer.


The majority of the UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI executive team includes professionals with university level specialized education as well long-term (over 7 years) practical experience within the field. They are focused on life-long learning to keep up with the technological developments within the area of business through workshops, seminars, best practice applications on national and international levels.


The development and sales of specialized feeding products which are both efficient and modern is performed by veterinary specialists and professionals who share deep technological know-how of the field. The team has grown with over 15 people ranging from very experience to young and developing professionals and we enjoy the culture where the sharing of knowledge and support to each other is very strong. All this support the development of the whole organization.


The supporting functions which include supervision of production, technical maintenance, and effective administration is also performed by professional with university level education is respective fields of engineering, mechanics, technologies, economics and management.


UAB “Joniškio grūdai” is a socially responsible company that pays a lot of attention to homeless animal shelters, supports them not only with quality food, but also organizes various social projects that encourage people to become more responsible for animals. Ongoing projects are unique in their content, so they receive a lot of public attention and involvement.


2020 UAB Joniškio grūdai was chosen as the most responsible company of the year by Delfi readers in the Responsible Business elections held in 2006. In this competition, in ten different categories, as many as 100 companies, organizations or individuals from all over Lithuania were nominated, who take care of the most vulnerable groups of Lithuanian society on a daily basis. In this rating, UAB “Joniškio grūdai” was nominated for its contribution to caring for homeless animal organizations.


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