We act and make decisions always considering our responsibility towards the society and our stakeholders: our employees, clients, shareholders, companies, and organizations that we cooperate with. We are careful to promise only what we can do, and we stay true to our promises. We carefully consider the needs and opportunities for our clients. We aim to be a reliable partner.


The problems are solved by those who are closest to them and who has the required expertise. Each employee manages her/his own area of responsibility where he/she makes decisions and takes initiative carefully with accountability for own results and their consequences to own company, our clients, business partners and the society. Our executives encourage and support the abilities of our employees to act independently and responsibly.


We never stop to progress; we set high goals which require efforts to achieve. We aim to be the best at what we do. We take a positive approach towards difficult situations and consider them as opportunities for progress. We believe there are no goals which could not be achieved, thus we search for proper instruments and set realistic targets. We assess ourselves and other by the results achieved and we are proud of our achievements.  


We keep on looking for new knowledge, search for best practices, put them to work and share our know-how with our clients, colleagues and partners. Each situation provides an opportunity for creative solution when considering various alternatives.  We aim to be creative and innovative.


Trust and long-term relationships are important to us, so we act accordingly with our customers, employees and partners. We respect the diversity of opinions, beliefs and attitudes. We expect the same respect from others.  We communicate openly and listen carefully. We do not tolerate hypocrisy, intrigue, nor gossip.


Litagra Group is a private limited company “LITAGRA” and its subsidiaries UAB "Joniškio grūdai", farming companies and a few other. Group companies export their products to the EU and CIS countries.


Savanorių pr. 173, LT-03150 Vilnius,
Tel. + 370 5 236 1600,
faks. + 370 5 236 1601

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